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Welcome to 8th grade Employability Skills

Course Description:

Employability skills include knowledge, skills, and attitudes that allow employees to get along with their co-workers, make important work-related decisions, and become strong members of the work team. We will also investigate the fundamentals of maintenance of personal appearance and grooming. Discovering job possibilities that link skills, abilities, interests, values, needs, and work environment preferences is a part of the process of obtaining employability skills and abilities and is experiential learning that takes place over time. This course is designed to guide students in obtaining the knowledge and the needed employability skills that are transferable among a variety of jobs and careers and are considered essential in any employment situation. Students will learn and apply basic knowledge of what is expected in the workplace.

Here are the seven units of study in Employability Skills:

  1. Maintaining basic requirements of personal health, hygiene, and grooming
  2. Social interaction skills necessary for personal and career success
  3. Demonstrates personal characteristics that will result in success in the workplace
  4. Employability skills for success in a variety of job settings
  5. Exploring the Career Clusters 
  6. Exploring topics related to job searches and interviews
  7. Understanding the transition to new employment
Supplies Needed for class

(1) - composition or spiral notebook (one subject)

(1) - Folder with brads and pockets (any color)

(2) – Pencils/pen


Additionally, students are asked to bring any 1 item on the following list:

1 roll of paper towels

 1 box of tissues

1 (150 sheets) Notebook paper


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