Shirley Hall Middle School

STAAR Testing on April 22nd and 23rd

Things to Remember for Testing
- Get a good night’s sleep.
- Eat a healthy breakfast.
- Dress in layers (t-shirt, sweater/jacket).
- Bring a reasonable sized non-messy, quiet snack in a baggie. Choose a snack that doesn’t have a strong smell. No peanuts due to others who are allergic. Snack packages that are crinkly are not allowed. The test environment must be kept quiet at all times during testing, so please place in a quiet container.
- Bring water only.
- Bring a sack lunch or be prepared to order one from the cafeteria – PARENTS MAY NOT DELIVER LUNCHES FROM RESTAURANTS, ie – McDonald’s, Sonic, etc.
- **Brink a book to read after testing. – This is your only option once you are finished testing
- Cell phones will be collected by the teacher at the beginning of the day and returned after testing is completed.
- There is no retesting for 7th graders.
- No messages will be delivered on testing days, know how you are getting home.
- Appointments should be made for another day. Students are not to leave early these days.

Things to Leave at Home

- Pajamas
- Pillow
- Pillow Pet
- Blanket
- Cell phone – if possible
- All drinks except water