Shirley Hall Middle School

Roo Award of Excellence 3rd 6 Weeks Recipients

Twelve students were recognized for the excellence that they have shown for the 3rd 6 weeks. These students invited their parents and a teacher to eat breakfast with them in the library. School Board members and Dr. Hanks also joined the students for breakfast. The students were recognized by Mrs. Braudaway for their hard work and dedication in all aspects of school, behaviorally and academically. Teachers and administrators at Hall Middle School are very proud of these students and also recognize their parents for their hard work in guiding their students to excellence.
Congratulations to the following students:
7th Grade
Hunter Green
Jessica Padilla
Maria Patino
Katelyn Gauc
Bronte Byarsi
Kaitlyn White
8th Grade
Chloe Walton
Faith Wimbrow
Dakota Cassity
Michael Smith
Damon Thun
Bailey Cartright
Again, congratulations to these students.