Shirley Hall Middle School

No school Monday, May 28th. Exams are the week of May 28th. Last day of school is Thursday, May 31st. Student return August 23rd.

UIL Results are in!

Calculator Applications: Brook Scherr - 6th Place

 Dictionary Skills: Madison Buckley - 3rd Place and Emily Hardage - 4th Place

 Listening Skills: Audrey Waldron - 2nd Place and Kayleigh Bateman - 4th Place

 Maps, Graphs, and Charts: Jaylee Williams - 5th Place

 Number Sense: Madison Buckley - 4th Place, Frida Rubio - 5th Place, and Jenna Tuley - 6th Place

 Ready Writing: Jaylee Williams - 3rd Place, Olivia Cavazos - 3rd Place, and Autumn Andrews - 6th Place

 Science I: Ariana Beninati - 3rd Place and Dylan Robert - 5th Place

 Science II: Olivia Rajhel took home the gold - 1st Place

 Social Studies: Parker Christmas - 4th Place and Ella Stevens - 6th Place

 Spelling: Olivia Rajhel took home the gold...AGAIN - 1st Place and James Gilstrap - 3rd Place

 Impromptu Speaking: Brook Hamilton - 5th Place and Naomi Haldy - 6th Place

 Modern Oratory: Dylan Choates - 5th Place and Maya McCoy - 6th Place

 Please congratulate these students and their coaches on their hard work! We represented Hall proudly! Thank you again to all of the coaches that volunteered and put such a great effort into putting academics first!

Pictured from the top-left: Dylan Choates, Madison Buckley, Frida Rubio, Parker Christmas, Kayleigh Bateman, & Olivia Rajhel. From the bottom-left: Maya McCoy, Autumn Andrews  Naomi Haldy, & Jenna Tuley