Shirley Hall Middle School

UIL Results are in!

Calculator Applications: Brook Scherr - 6th Place

 Dictionary Skills: Madison Buckley - 3rd Place and Emily Hardage - 4th Place

 Listening Skills: Audrey Waldron - 2nd Place and Kayleigh Bateman - 4th Place

 Maps, Graphs, and Charts: Jaylee Williams - 5th Place

 Number Sense: Madison Buckley - 4th Place, Frida Rubio - 5th Place, and Jenna Tuley - 6th Place

 Ready Writing: Jaylee Williams - 3rd Place, Olivia Cavazos - 3rd Place, and Autumn Andrews - 6th Place

 Science I: Ariana Beninati - 3rd Place and Dylan Robert - 5th Place

 Science II: Olivia Rajhel took home the gold - 1st Place

 Social Studies: Parker Christmas - 4th Place and Ella Stevens - 6th Place

 Spelling: Olivia Rajhel took home the gold...AGAIN - 1st Place and James Gilstrap - 3rd Place

 Impromptu Speaking: Brook Hamilton - 5th Place and Naomi Haldy - 6th Place

 Modern Oratory: Dylan Choates - 5th Place and Maya McCoy - 6th Place

 Please congratulate these students and their coaches on their hard work! We represented Hall proudly! Thank you again to all of the coaches that volunteered and put such a great effort into putting academics first!

Pictured from the top-left: Dylan Choates, Madison Buckley, Frida Rubio, Parker Christmas, Kayleigh Bateman, & Olivia Rajhel. From the bottom-left: Maya McCoy, Autumn Andrews  Naomi Haldy, & Jenna Tuley